Fidler Pond’s 3rd Triathlon and Mile Swim- Saturday, August 19, 2017 @ 8:00 am EST

Rock the Quarry Triathlon and Mile Swim is an event you definitely want to put on your calendar!

The Fidler Quarry will be open to the public for a triathlon and mile swim event! This is pristine water- very clean and clear!  It’s called Fidler Pond, however it is more like a small lake. This is a special, destination swim experience!  For one day only, people will have access to swim in the water.

Download the brochure for all details: 2017 Rock the Quarry Triathlon & Mile Swim.



Sprint Triathlon:  500 Yard Swim ▪ 15.8 Mile Bike ▪ 5K Run (two laps around the perimeter of “the Pond”).


Mile Swim Event:  Swimmers!  This is a rare opportunity to swim in a pristine quarry. Deep, clean, clear water. No power boats, quite the swim experience. Please note: Practice open water swimming before signing up for this event. This is not the best choice for your first open water swim as the water is very deep, so you will not be able to touch the bottom once you leave the ledge at the start.